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No problem is worthy more

by Admin

The signs were there I tried to abort the first time it didn’t work out didn’t know that

God was trying to show me that I shouldn’t do it but I ended up doing it the second time its been 5 months now I asked God for forgiveness and I have decided to give my life to God lam now a new creation yes what I did was wring but I’m happy also because that situation it has helped me to be closer to God I have decided to leave my dirty life and choose the right way …Don’t let the guilty feeling stop you you cannot change the past but you can change your present give your life to God he is an awesome God he will surely forgive you from your sins if you’re a young girl or a woman who is thinking about abortion think about your baby’s life give your baby a chance to live no problem is worthy more than your baby’s life that baby is a precious gift from God …for those that have already did abortion repent ask God for forgiveness he is faithful and he will surely for give you

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