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Not only physically but mentally/emotionally

by Admin

Abortion is permanent and forever scars you mentally, emotionally and potentially physically. I used the pill and please PLEASE don’t think this method is less painful or emotionally easing! They, planned parenthood, make you ingest the first pill there at the clinic in front of a staff member. I then returned to a hotel my boyfriend at the time rented to conceal this process.promising he would stay with me if I did this. **Please don’t fall for this ladies and abort because of a guy** Less then 24 hrs later I’m calling 911 due to SERVER, unbearable pain, and vomiting! I HAVE GONE INTO SHOCK FROM THE PAIN ALONE! I have a chronic pain illness so I’m not easily shaken by pain just to give you and idea I was taking prescription pain medicine that still didn’t touch this. I’m just being honest, not tryin to frighten you. Long story short , I suffer with severe depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping. I’m 33 this abortion was when I was 24 yrs old. I do now have 4 children, they drive me crazy Yes lol I love them dearly and pregnant with my 5 th ! I would NEVER recommend abortion ! The images And sounds from the clinic alone replay at least twice a month. Your never going to know the what“ ifs” and it CANNOT be undone! One life , is not worth another.

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