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I suffered rejection from my father and mother who sided with him. I was rejected by my caregivers after my parents death. The second set of caregivers didn’t have time for me which was interpreted by me as rejection again. Finally I was on my own and found myself pregnant and not knowing who the father was I went to three different men and each one rejected me and would not help me financially with an abortion which was my only consideration. All I knew was rejection and so I rejected the child growing in my womb. What would I do with a baby? I secretively had an abortion in a hospital and never wanted anyone to know. My employer called the hospital and they told him I was having an abortion. I was furious and planned to murder my employer! I could not pull the trigger only because I would end up in prison. I moved on in life looking for acceptance in all the wrong places ie bars. Years later I discovered I could confess the abortion as murder to the Lord and He would forgive me as He had taken that sin as His OWN and paid for it on the cross… He took my murder sentence for me. Soon after I volunteered at a pregnancy rescue clinic and was able to counsel a young woman to have her twins. I participated in anti-abortion marches, etc. I was much relieved to discovered that all human life that is terminated before birth for any reason goes to be with Jesus. I was so happy that I named my daughter, Siloam, which means, “sent”. My full acceptance by Jesus and the revealed knowledge of how precious my life is helps me now both forgive and embrace everyone including pro-abortion advocates. If you can hear me, “Thanks Mom, for not killing me!”

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