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Forced by Christ Clinic

by Admin

I was 18 and pregnant. My boyfriend left me. My parents took me to see a therapist and they started talking about medicating me or putting me in a mental hospital. A few weeks later I started feeling funny (like I was drugged. One day I was taken to an abortion clinic. They asked for my ID I didn’t have it on me. The nurse told my mom they could take her ID and she changed my age on paperwork to a minor. I was taken into an ultrasound room and then to a procedure room. In the procedure room I begged them not to do it. They held me down and killed my baby without my consent. My mom didn’t like it when my siblings or myself had kids. She thinks pro choice means that it’s hers to make. She never wanted to be a mom. She was never a real/ good mom and my siblings and myself suffer from it. Myself and one of my siblings suffer medical problems from abuse/ neglect as a child.


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