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So Ashamed “I haven’t told many people…”

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So ashamed I haven’t told many people | Abortion Testimonials

I am so ashamed that i had not 1 but 2 abortions. 1 when i was a senior in high school and the 2nd one i had was when i was 24. I am almost 29 now with 3 little boys. Everyday i tell God that i don’t deserve them because i killed my other 2 babies. Everyday, i wonder what they would look like and what kind of person they would become. But i was just so selfish that i never gave them a chance to live their lives’. God let me become pregnant with those 2 children for a reason and now i’ll never know what that reason might be. I haven’t told many people about what i have done because i know they will think the same thing about me as i do, that i’m a terrible person. 1 time is bad enough but to do it twice just makes me feel double worse. I have tried 2 suppress the memories of the abortions but i’ll never be able to. I must live all my life knowing i killed 2 of my babies. Please do not ever even think about having an abortion. You will regret it forever. God please forgive me!. God bless!

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Becca May 8, 2022 - 2:54 am

God can forgive you! Just cry out to him he will make a way! He loves you so much. He is taking care of your children.