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One Dead, One Wounded for Life

by Admin

I was 40 Years old,in an abusive relationship. I had two grown sons and a grandbaby on the way.
I was pregnant. “I cant even use the term going too have a baby…It just fhurts too much. What I thought I could rationalise at age 40,is still not forgotten at age 62. ABORTION is forever. Don’t be fooled. It is alive.. It is a baby until YOU change that. There is a Tiny Ghost in my heart of”What could have been”…that will not go away until my own heart stops beating.
I Remember two guards leading me through a protest line. They told me not to look up. I did…Thats when i saw the sign One dead .One wounded.The nurse was reasurring. She said it was not a baby. Maybe the size of a pencil point. I wanted to believe that. After the “procedure”, I had to make out a death certificate. Now i wonder why the sign didnt Read..”One Dead… One dying “!? something in me died 22 years ago.. Something is still dying.
I started reading the bible. Would a sign that quoted Psalms 139:16 have stopped me??I dont know.her is whayt it says; ” Your eyes saw the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.
I absolutely no God can forgive us. I don’t know if I can forgive myself. in the end.. we are no better then the guy who pulls the trigger and with 4 thought and intent murders somebody.This is just the surface of my story. maybe whoever reads this be brave enough to take the road less traveled.

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