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I felt bad for the student nurse no one told her it was an abortion

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In 2002 I found myself assisting in an abortion.I was in surgical technology school and I was at my clinic site, no one told me that this case was an abortion but I had an idea because everyone was whispering, before I made the conscious decision to go in I head a voice tell me that I will me judge on the last day for going inside this room. The procedure was very painful for the mother she was screaming like she was in torment. When they took this 20 week old baby boy out of his mother one of the nurses being trained at the time did not know this was an abortion so she started CPR one of the other nurses told her to stop, I felt bad for the student nurse no one told her it was an abortion, even though I had no part in the abortion me being present in the room and not stopping it put me in the same place as the doctor that preformed the abortion. I often go back and think what kind of person this baby boy could have been, he would be 19 years old today, throughout
the years I think about him I pray God gave his spirit to another family so he can do what he was assigned to do on this earth. When I see people around his age I think about him. It would have been a blessing to meet him but I know I will get to see him again in heaven. When I see him I will say I am sorry for the people that hurt you including myself. I wish I knew his name. I will be be so happy to finally know his name.


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Kelly May 7, 2022 - 12:53 pm

Wow. I did clinical rotations as a student nurse in labor and delivery. I watched an emergency c section. I feel so horrible for that nurse as well. I’m sorry for what all you went through. You have a good heart because you care. Someone who doesn’t care wouldn’t share this story or think about that baby, who would’ve been 19 currently. God judges our hearts, and He knows yours.