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To the family – Forever Heartbroken

by Admin

It happened so fast – my 17 year old younger sister was pregnant. I was in college and totally distant from the situation -when my sister needed me the most I wasn’t there to protect her and save her baby. My mom was furious – I know how she is – and she did not even talk to my sister or care about how she felt at all. All my mom and family could think about is how a baby would impact them and ruin their lives. Seriously what is more important in this world than giving love to a new life God has created… I was busy, working, in school when the worst happened – my mom drove my sister to Atlanta GA as she was too far along to have one in our state… When she was just too far along for them too, 5 months – she flew my sister to CO for a late term abortion. Like how cruel – the lengths my family went to to murder the next generation of our family because it was an inconvenience to their life. How sick is that – this little baby – just wanting to be loved and accepted – murdered – cruelly- in a place that gave it life – the womb which should be sacred – where there baby is safe – her baby, our family’s baby, ripped apart piece by piece in her womb by a monster who called himself a doctor. I would give my life to save the baby – to save my sister – to stop my ignorant family from murdering our baby. Sadly I have never been able to have kids (I’m now 38) and I think about her baby every day of my life and who he/she would be and how much love and laughter has been lost. The least we could have done was not be so selfish and have let the baby have life and have another family who would have gladly loved him/her. That day still haunts me – they came to my apartment and I drove them to the airport. My sister looked scared and I did not take the time to ask her if that is what she wanted… I had a chance to speak up – to speak for my sister – to speak up for the beautiful life inside her that couldn’t speak for itself yet. I did nothing… and I take responsibility for the murder of our baby – it was the most important moment of my life and I let my mom murder my sisters baby. It’s murder!!! My soul is still crushed when I think about it all. My sister is now married and in her 30’s and just had a baby boy. The magnitude and heartbreak of what my family did has become even more real. We love her little boy with all our hearts and I still cannot believe we were gifted another baby that we decided not to want or love. It crushes my heart to know what we did – what we lost – how we were fooled by a society that makes it seem like the right choice. It is NOT the right choice. It’s the biggest mistake, regret and heartbreak of my life. If you are a family member ask yourself what is more important in your life than opening your heart just as someone else had done to accept you into this world. Even if you cannot find the room in your home or life there is no reason you cannot give someone else a chance, who cannot have kids like me, to give that baby the love, acceptance and care that all human life deserves. Don’t be like me – 20 years down the road – still carrying the heartbreak that did not have to be so. I’ve never shared this openly, and have no idea how I even found this site searching on something else, but God put it on my heart to share this deep dark secret we carry in our hearts and if this post saves one baby at least I can honor our unborn babies life by opening someone’s mind and heart to give the baby a chance at life.

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