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I was 16 when I had an abortion. I am 50 now. I was in a relationship a good one too but we were young and my parents found out and were not having it. I was not educated and was scared they pretty much forced me into it. I will never forget that day!! My boyfriend even came with me. I will never forgive myself for not running out of that horrible clinic!! I know that God has forgiven me but this is my burden to carry and I have to put it away but during my teen years after I tried to commit suicide over it I tried to get pregnant again I was depressed, I got involved with drugs! I was a mess but eventually we broke up we just couldn’t handle the burden of it. I met my future husband and he loved me through and were married for 28 wonderful years and have 2 beautiful daughters until he passed but I still wonder what my baby would look like. I know I will see him or her one day in Heaven!!

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