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I regret my abortions 

by Admin

God have mercy on my soul, I have offended you and I’m sorry for believing that abortion was okay, I’m awake now and horrified! My mother beg me and lied to have an abortion when I was sixteen, in her room with a friend doctor, I was six months pregnant. ( I thought it was wrong at sixteen. I grew up with my grandparents in Ecuador, abortions was unheard until I can me to The USA. My mind was changed, became rebel, had two kids outside marriage, was a single mom, and I married to a good man, my daughter at 12yrs old got pregnant twice, two abortions. My husband and I didn’t go to church, we both worked six day a WK. My got a girl pregnant at 15yrs old and I asked her to get an abortion, she did, then he got married at 22yrs old, his wife had two abortions. I’m horrified for what I’ve done, my husband, our kids and my self have repented and asked for forgiveness and prayed for our innocent little babies in heaven
God have mercy on us
ps I learned to pray the Rosary

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