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I want my baby back mommy is sorry baby 😢

by Admin

I had an abortion in august of 2020 I had so many reasons to keep my baby and only one reason to not keep my baby ! The reason of anger out weighed all the Good at the time I have two children already and I prayed for another baby and when I got pregnant I wanted my baby but my emotions and my anger from the dad got a hold of me and I didn’t keep my precious baby and I wake up every day hurt HURT I see other pregnant women and I cry I see new born babies and I cry after the surgery I broke down crying cause it happened and I didn’t mean it I immediately knew it was wrong here it is February 2021 and I feel like I am being haunted daily of my own guilt and pain and thoughts I was able to get pregnant after the abortion again in October and had a miscarriage so my heart is jus filled with sooo much pain and I just know nobody understands me at all I jus want my precious baby back because I didn’t mean it at all ‘ but it was too late it was too late and now I’m jus dying inside daily I lost over 40 lbs from depression I pray every day I pray and cry every night Lord I want my precious baby please


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