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I will always remember the sound

by Admin

I was 16 years old. My boyfriend and I found out we were pregnant and we were in total shock wondering how we were going to tell our parents. The odd thing was at the time we weren’t too upset even at such a young age we loved each other so much. Our parents thought different. My mother immediately had Abortion on her mind and had everyone else convinced as well. she didn’t give me a choice. I just went through the motions I was 16 had no where to go. We went to the clinic my boyfriend came as well. He couldn’t stay just me and my mom. She had to wait outside. We were rushed through like cattle. There were other girls there too and you had the choice of being put what they called under “twilight” or gas and I chose that but it didn’t matter. When it was time the Doctor had no compassion. All I could hear was a vacuum and it hurt so bad I screamed the entire time. Afterwards they sent me out to put on my clothes and that was the end. I felt sick. We went to eat afterwards like nothing had happened. We never spoke of it again. Even now my mom has passed I have 2 children and we never spoke of it but I have always remembered. I have asked for forgiveness and I know I am forgiven but I will never forget. I will see my baby one day.

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