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The pain will never leave…

by Admin

I’m a 24 year old lady. I was only 17 when I found out I was pregnant, my first thoughts to be honest was an abortion. I couldn’t stand the fact that I was pregnant at such a young age still depending on a single mother of 4. I was so depressed, eventually I pulled myself together and told my baby daddy. He wasn’t very happy about the pregnancy either but for some reason my mind changed. I fell in love with a little guy growing inside of my. He was so cute even waved at me when I when for my second check up. Financially I knew this wouldn’t work as much as I wanted it to I’m still in school. I have no income and my baby daddy just didn’t care at all. I went through with the abortion and 7 years later I’m still crying. I still feel cheated, I dream about him. If only I didn’t do it. If there’s any guy reading this going through the same situation tell your girl you in this together. All they need is that security to feel safe and know they not alone. The scars of an abortion will stay with you forever not matter where you find yourself its a painful experience you’ll never forget.


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