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LIED TO by planned parenthood!!

by Admin

i has 19 with 2 children already 3 and 5 ….little girls …their father and me had split and i was seeing another guy….well towards the end of our relationship i was staying with my daughters father so i could spend time with them being i had just sold my falling apart trailer…well i cheated on my bf with my daughters father after being with my bf the day before…so obviously you know where this is going i got pregnant and didnt know who the father was….i was homeless with no income and 2 children already at 19….but i wanted this baby nonetheless i loved being a mother!!! my daughters father and bf both wanted me to get a abortion knowing i didnt know who the father was…still i wanted this baby…..then my ex mother in law got involved and said shed pay for the abortion….i still wanted the baby…but agreed if i was early enough to just take the pill id do it(thinking i was to far or would be by the time of my apointment) so my appointment comes and she takes me…theres all these protesters with signs of aborted babys pictures….i start balling…. I CANT DO THIS!!! i think and cry!! i agreed to go back and when i seen the baby and its hearbeat i broke down I WAS NOT DOING THIS …THIS IS MY BABY I WANT IT!! i will raise it alone if they dont want to help!! i tell them im not doing it and figured id tell her i took the pill and lie and deal with it later when it was too late to do anything…..well the lady there said just take this tylenol incase you change your mind in the time to wait and see the doctor so i did because i had a headache from crying so much…when i went back finally to tell the doctor i had made up my mind i was keeping my baby he told me that it was too late the lady gave me the first pill so i asked what would happen if i didnt take the next pill tomorrow and he told me the first pill kills the baby and the next one the following day is what flushes it out so i had a dead baby regardless and it could stay in me and rot orrr i could get it out of me so !
i could have another baby one day…..i broke down i wanted to die with my baby I HATED MYSELF i let them pressure me into this WHAT KIND OF MOTHER WAS I TO NOT STAND UP FOR HER CHILD?? PLANNED PARENTHOOD LIED TO ME —-THEY KILLED MY BABY THAT I TOLD THEM I WANTED—–THEY TRICKED ME!!!

im sooo sorry to by angel baby …one day ill be there with you so i can apoligize the only thing i think of as to why this happened is that you were to perfect for the world and god had better plans for you up there!!

my life has been ruined because of this though !!! i got hooked on pills and my daughters were put in foster care even though ive been clean for 2 years i still dont have them back my ex mother in law got them after they were in foster care for a year…..i now have a 16 week little boy and am still fighting for my daughters they will be home with me and their little brother !! soon i hope :/

—-regretful mother –depressed and remorseful–

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