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A void you can never ever fill

by Admin
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This is from a grown man’s perspective. As a teen I was in a position where announcing my girlfriends pregnancy would have been devastating to my mom who was in a fragile emotional state due to a divorce. Abortion had just recently been made legal. I knew it was wrong but I lacked the courage to persevere through the shame and hurt it would cause and pressed for an abortion since it was now “legal” after all. If I could only go back and change that forever life altering decision I would do so without one split second of hesitation. It has created an open wound in my heart & soul that has never been able to heal. I know the Lord died for our sins and I pray every day to be forgiven. He has blessed me with other children for which I am very grateful, but not a day goes by that I do not think that I would have a grown adult child present in my life who I denied the right to live. Let me suggest to you now whether you are the mom OR the dad, and regardless of your religious beliefs, there is NO emotional distress that will not heal over time regarding the circumstances causing you to consider an abortion. Have courage and things will be OK. But believe me and understand deeply the void in your heart and soul by following through with it may never be healed and that is something I wish on no one. If you’re young now, hard as it is to look years & decades further, just try to and imagine what it will be like. Please think twice and give that baby the right to live and you will be joyous and happy to have that person in your life I promise you. God Bless you.

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Elle November 14, 2021 - 6:32 pm

I don’t understand how they failed to inform all the student nurses PRIOR that they would be dealing with an abortion- at 20’weeks gestation which is quite far along in pregnancy- with proof of babies surviving as young as 22 weeks due to premature births. Why was it being performed in a hospital & not in an abortion clinic? Had the baby died in utero or was it killed prior to the delivery? Was the mother’s health at extreme risk of death or was the abortion elective? I don’t know what to think – this had to have been an extremely horrific thing to witness most definitely & the nursing students most certainly SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD that this was an ABORTION- and be given the option to opt out of witnessing! What a horrifying thing to witness- I feel awful for them not being informed prior to attending. The reason of the abortion not being told & the students not being told beforehand- I know I would have certainly opted out if it were an abortion – especially so far along. Not to mention that it sounds like the would be mother of the poor defenseless baby was induced to deliver & was totally conscious & screaming …. Very extremely difficult for that nursing student , I am sure. Just do not understand the rest of the situation as far as it being an abortion in a surgery room in a hospital is why I am questioning the reason . I’m sure it was an awful thing to witness & that you cannot wipe the image of that poor tiny baby being delivered & no one being informed of the exact type of surgery prior to going in to the room where it took place.