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I cannot even bring myself to write about what actually happened in my family…how far along my little sister was…how my mom forced her…how I just stood by and let it happen…I let them murder you sweet innocent baby inside my scared little sisters womb. I am sorry I failed to protect you – to save your life – to protect you and your mommy. I am sorry I failed you as all I really want to do is go back in time and to welcome you into our family and take care of you myself. You would have been the most precious gift in my life. I would have loved you unconditionally and we would have had so much fun – you deserved life and I am devastated we denied it to you – denied you love, life, laughter and a family. If there was one thing in my life I could change it ALWAYS is going back and saving you – protecting you – loving you – choosing you. It happened so fast and I was so distant – my heart breaks every day knowing I failed you and your mommy – I am so so deeply sorry I didn’t step in and stop them taking you from us. I love you every day of my life and I hope I get to be your Auntie one day… I love you and always want you in our life…It would have been so beautiful…I’m beyond sorry. My heart will always be broken knowing – I’d give anything to save you…

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