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A child for a reason 

by Admin

I was 35 years old when I became pregnant. This was my first pregnancy at it was all that I wanted except for the wrong partner and terrible timing. I just met my son’s biological father one month prior online and got pregnant the 2nd night we were together. My parents didn’t like him before they even met him which was once. He lied to me about wanting more children, about being 10 years younger and so much more. When I told him I was pregnant he went ballistic demanding I get an abortion or give my child up for adoption. He dumped me because I refused and warned me he can’t continue the relationship since I’m choosing my child over him. Throughout my pregnancy I felt lonely and scared. But I knew GD is giving me a child for a reason. I gave birth in January, 2020 and at that moment my life changed. Everytime I hold my son I thank GD for giving him to me. He is perfect and healthy, so sweet and caring. Determined and courageous. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision and for not letting any man control my destiny and have power over my life. If a man doesn’t want a baby they need to discuss what will happen before engaging in an intimate relationship with a partner. They also have a choice to use a condom or vasectomy. Right now we are in court for child support because my son deserves the best in life.

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