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Biggest Regret – PLEASE DO NOT DO IT. I BEG YOU. 

by Admin

If you are pregnant and scared, there are options. Abortion is NOT the answer. Please please please do not do it. I plead with you. You will regret it. It is NOT an ‘easy’ fix. Do not believe the lies. I wish I could go back and get my baby back. My partner wasn’t ready and I was scared and a coward. I got swept away because he wasn’t ready and I blame myself for not being stronger. I wasn’t that far along. I miss my baby every day. The grief I feel is overwhelming. I wish I was stronger. I am now seeking therapy because I cannot handle the reality of our horrible decision. I want to die every day. I plead with God to take me away from this nightmare so that I can be with my baby. I just want to be with my baby. My partner and I are not doing well. I would have been better off with the reality that he wasn’t ready then living in this reality. Because this is a nightmare. She came to me in a dream. She is so beautiful and I will never be able to cuddle her. I intended on burying my feelings but I can’t figure out a way to live so I reached out for help. I don’t see a reason for living. I have lost my will to live. I wish I was stronger and better. PLEASE PLEASE don’t do it. I beg you. I implore you. It’s not worth it. I am 100000% pro-life. This reality is a nightmare. Don’t do this to yourself. My biggest worry is that I won’t be able to have children now. I wish I could go back. Please please please don’t do it. Please.

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Tricia stewart March 25, 2023 - 8:21 pm

Dear Precious Mommy,
Your life is valuable!
Your life has purpose!
Just like God made your little one and gave her short life purpose (you understand the value of life in the womb now! You understand the connection between mother and child now!) He made you. You may have done a terrible wrong, but that little girl of yours is with her Creator. He is the very best of Fathers and He wants to be your Heavenly Father as well.
I hope you’ll seek help from Him. Find an old KJV Bible and get to know Jesus by starting in Matthew and just reading. Get to know His love and sacrifice for you. Get to know His forgiveness for your horrible sins. He is so merciful…. Just read some of the testimonies on this site… you’ll find God rescued so many women out of this lifelesss state. He is love. He seeks out the broken and makes them whole and new. We cannot earn that. It is His gift to us.
Read Romans and how we cannot ever be good enough for His salvation. Read how it was bought and paid for by Him and offered freely to anyone.

You are so loved… there are many, many people who love you even though they don’t know you. They’re going to read your cry for help and hurt for you having never met you.
You make a difference in this world. Your life matters.

Rosella M. April 1, 2023 - 7:51 pm

Praying for you and healing and forgiveness. May you find strength, for your child