Broken soul

by Admin

I just wanted to add that yes adoption over abortion always. Living with the regret I live everyday for the last 23 years or so now it won’t bring my baby back nor would it make it right for what I did. Giving it a chance to life you could always and have the choice of being a part of your child’s life and even if you or the child doesn’t choose to it’s still the better choice to have the right of life. I have met ppl who were actually almost aborted and the mothers didn’t knew they were still pregnant and babies survived and these individuals are amazing ppl and are grateful to be alive. My husband now knew he couldn’t ask me to have another abortion when I got pregnant with his second child but told me he couldn’t do it… I told him to shove it and go to whatever…I would raise my child alone but he needed to stay out of my life and my child’s so I can have a normal and healthy life and pregnancy. He came around and asked me to move in with him after the baby was delivered he didn’t wnt to apart from our daughter. But again he did the same with our last daughter… it’s like there’s a weird pregnancy syndrome men go through idk but it’s crazy how men think they can do whatever and have fun but we women pay for everything afterwards?! Nope it’s not like that. Take charge of your body and your baby and choose what is right for you and your baby that is a part of you. It is a beautiful life growing inside you. It might be scary at first but the more time that goes by you would bond with your precious baby. It’s a bond that no human can break. That baby would love you and you would love it so much!! I think of my baby everyday, at nights I can’t sleep and with all my health issues now sometimes I feel that maybe I deserve what I get because I feel as I threw my baby away like it was trash. I hope and pray everyday that one day I would see him or her again, same as the baby I lost and my 2 sisters I lost too. Please dnt make the same mistake it’s not something you can take back. Wish you all well. Much love to you 💖🙏

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