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Constant reminder

by Admin

What have I done? A life I can never take back. After having children I know the potential, the unconditional love I have for them and that’s what’s haunting me… just to see what you would have looked like… the thought of you calling me mommy to see your little eyes, hear your laugh hold your little hands… to watch you take your first steps….If I could go back I would love to hold you in my arms. seeing your tiny body on the ultrasound replays … now I’m living with a broken heart and feeling so guilty and empty… Mommy is Soo sorry baby.. I never meant to do this I know it’s my body, my decision… But the situation I was in at the time made sense. Now nothing at all makes sense. What have I done? is all that goes through my head and I hope to God you forgive me baby I can’t wait to meet you one day.. you would have been such a beautiful baby… I’m Soo sorry angel my sweet baby.


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