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I Regret my Abortion

by Admin

My abortion happened 20 years ago. I tried not to think about what I was doing. The abortionist came into the room and began my abortion. The nurse was leaning over me, starring into my eyes.
After a little while, she asked the doctor “Is something wrong?” He said, “It is trying to get away!”

I was shocked!! It is trying to get away! I begged God to stop the abortion. I couldn’t believe what I was doing!! Seconds later, the abortionist said, “It’s done”. From that moment on I have REGRETTED MY ABORTION!! A part of me died in that room. The “IT” he was referring to was MY BABY! All the way home, I just bawled. I wanted to go back to that place and pull my baby out of the dumpster.

I named my baby Chris. By now, she would be 20 years old. I wonder what she would look like or what her laugh would sound like. I will never be able to hold her or kiss her good night. To tell her I am sorry. I can’t believe I took the life of an innocent baby to make myself look better.

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