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Regreting the facts “Crying on the inside for help…”

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Never thought i would be here regreting the fact that i got an abortion. An abortion at two months. Wasn’t sure at the time what i wanted to do but i knew i couldnt have that baby so i just went through it anyways. Doctors asked me was i sure and i told them yes like a fool. After the abortion was done i regretted it so much that ive cried since the day it happened. Feels as if someone took my baby and they are never bringing it back. I feel sad, depressed, bad and lets not forget…. Angry, and upset at everybody for something i decided to do on my own. I felt like i was pressued by those who i knew would have a problem with it if i would have kept my baby. Why does it hurt so bad? Why do i feel so sad? Cant do anything but look at how big it was begginning to grow. Crying on the inside for help.

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JM March 27, 2021 - 7:41 am

God forgives! Tell him you’re sorry, and He will redeem your life!