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It took many years

by Admin

To all the ladies who have had abortions. I too went through the same thing. When I was 19 in college, I was selfish, ashamed to be pregnant wondering what the church would say. I was not living a Godly lifestyle, I was “doing me” and living in the flesh. My then boyfriend now husband wanted me to keep the baby but I did not want the baby to stop the things I was trying to accomplish. Ohhhh was I sorry! After i had the abortion i felt guilty but went on with my life… or so i thought. After i got married, I had 2 miscarriages, repented and gave my life to Jesus Christ. I thought God was punishing me for what I did. I surrendered all to Christ, and asked Him to forgive me of the abortion. It took many years of the Lord truly setting me free! Satan wants to keep people in guilt, shame, and depression. Cast it all to Jesus! It’s been over 25 years praise God. I thank God for His deliverance! I see many women who’ve had past abortions (I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse). Some use it as birth control. I pray with them. It’s amazing how the Lord can transform your mind!

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