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Heart break, Womb ache, No candles on the cake…

I was raped, then made the choice,To remove “The tissue” like “they said” in a sweet voice.

Finger pricked, got in a gown,”The Tissue” found with Ultrasound…. I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t see… The monitor was turned around… Still on the table they strapped me down… Once injected, the nice Nurse left… I cried God help me… Alone upset, no one heard my plea.

Too late, I took the bait, No nice Nurse, no empathy… Dead stares looking back at me, vaccutainers covered in booties… 

I knew then I lost a part of me… Went home, curled up alone with no where to grieve.

28 years in shame I cried. I kept the secret stuffed inside… Now knowing that I took a life… With constant thoughts of suicide.

What could I do… No one knew… What I was going through… Now pressing through recovery, By Gods’ Grace and Mercy…

I give this testimony to you.

The first 6 weeks of 9 months due. An embryo is not “tissue” That “they” removed… It was my baby and God’s baby too! 

God knows us before we’re formed… And calls us by name before we’re born.

And for those that can hear let them hear… Mariah lives and heaven’s where… He wiped away her every tear.

And with true repentance on 3/3/19… I took communion and felt God’s Peace… No longer bound, I’ve been set free…

By Jesus Christ the King of Kings

And By The Way…

Mariah’s name….

In Hebrew means…

The Lord who teaches me.

By Patricia M DiSaverio 3/12/19

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Tricia S. July 12, 2022 - 7:29 am


Thanking God for His great grace on your life! Thank you for sharing!

Liah August 26, 2022 - 12:38 pm

With your permission, I’d like to sing this as a song, to reach more ears that need to hear. I cry with you, for the voices silenced, and the agony that lasts a lifetime. I was raped too… but I never had to make your choice. You are a warrior for the babies who face slaughter. May God’s grace fill your house and make it a home. You are loved. ❤

Marie September 16, 2022 - 3:03 am

I pray for your healing and recovery. Remember you are loved unconditionally ❤️