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What if you change your mind

by Admin

What if you change your mind that’s a question you should ask yourself because You have to live with that decision forever. So consider it carefully. when I think of the number of abortions that have taken place since the supreme court’s decision on row versus Wade. there’s one number just a single number that breaks my heart even 48 years later. Women were burning their bras and fighting for women’s rights and I was so sure I was making a responsible decision. I trusted the highest court in the land how could they be wrong. I was living in California at the time so their decision wouldn’t of made any difference to me legally because you could get abortions legally in California at that time only I never really would’ve thought of it because I didn’t think it was morally right. I knew my boyfriend was not interested in marriage And I knew I was not ready to be a mother at 18 and That I could never give my baby up for adoption. My boyfriend drove me to Oakland ca because that’s where you had to go at the time. I remember every detail I remember the hotel room and exactly what I was wearing, a white peasant shirt, blue denim bell bottoms he took me to a park to show me the playground equipment his father designed. how ironic to visit a park where children play with what we had planned for the next day. His grandchild will never play there. I lived in a state of delusion for years wasn’t until decades later that I grieved and this I do alone because it’s at my secret I cannot share. I pray the Supreme Court will reverse their decision because I know it will save lives.

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