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Mom Living with Regret

by Admin

While many of the stories out there may be young women struggling, there are also those who are already mothers who have made this choice. Here is my story. I am a mom to two beautiful children. My husband and I longed for a third. It never happened. The chapter we thought was closed. I ended up taking a pregnancy test on a gut feeling and it was positive. My husband at the time was in the hospital with his own health issues and my world was crashing around me. Feeling overwhelmed, my gut reaction was I cannot do this. I unfortunately made the decision to terminate. No one talked me out of it. When I entered the center they immediately gave me a Valium to “calm my nerves.” Looking back I was essentially drugged. I was not counseled. When I was in the room for the procedure they had the monitor turned away and wouldn’t let me see. It was over before I had a chance to process what was happening. I wake up every morning thinking of the baby I lost. I am reminded as I look into my living children’s eyes every day. How could I make this choice? My husband and I have been trying since unsuccessfully to conceive and it’s all that I can think; that I blew my opportunity to have my family complete. May I find forgiveness in myself. May I find peace. May I be blessed again, because I have been so awakened by this experience I was to scream from the rooftops. Please, do not make the choice I did. Signed, A mother


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