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Not an Easy Process

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Yolanda Ngubane

I was 16 when I had my first abortion. I had just finished high school and took a gap year back in 2016. Early that year I found out I was pregnant and got very scared to tell anyone. only told my boyfriend and he was excited about it. I was very scared and didn’t know how to tell my mother. I then took a decision on my own and got a referral letter from my local clinic to book at an abortion clinic. I went and did the surgical termination alone. Few weeks after I told my boyfriend that I had a miscarriage and he believed me. He was so hurt and I felt so guilty and manipulative. I really thought I made the right decision at that time and felt okay about it.

2018 I felt pregnant and decided to keep the baby. My baby girl is turning 5 this year.

Parenting is not an easy process so when I found out

I’m pregnant again in January I cried and panicked. I told my baby daddy and he wasn’t so happy and looked stressed.

I am 24 years and doing my second year at university. At first I was happy that I was pregnant but was worried about my studies and telling my mother because I still live with her. without thinking straight, Ithen bought the pills at 8 weeks and aborted my poor little baby boy. Well judging from the things I craved it was definitely a boy.

It’s been 3 weeks since it happened and I extremely regret it and can’t stop thinking of what I should’ve done right. I cry myself to sleep every night and have sleepless nights. This makes me realize that Abortion is not the only option sometimes seeking advice front even a stranger may help you make the right choice.


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