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I just want to thank you all for sharing your testimonial and experiences. I am currently pregnant. I have two boys already and am married. The reason I had the thought of getting an abortion was because of the lack of support system my husband and myself have with the two kids we have already. I felt adding a 3rd baby into the mix, would not only damage our marriage with added stress, but also would ruin my career I’ve yet to start. I just finished nursing school and instantly after I finished my ADN program, found out I’m expecting again. It’s not that I don’t or wouldn’t love this baby, it’s that I feel how can i work after I just worked so hard to be able to contribute along side my husband to support our family? Who would watch a newborn on top of two other kids? We can’t afford daycare and don’t have family that’ll be willing to watch a newborn. But now, after reading all of you guys testimonials, it opened my eyes that although I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel now, that things can work out, that they will be worked out. That myself and my husband cannot endure the pain of ending a baby’s life over selfish reasons. I appreciate this website as I’m sure not only has it saved many baby’s life’s by a mother deciding to keep her baby like me, but also saved someone’s life from experiencing the emptiness and sadness that comes with ending a pregnancy.

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Trevor F December 22, 2021 - 10:41 am

I’m so glad you backed out of that mindset, every baby is beautiful and will bring joy to your whole world. Nothing is meant to be super easy but the challenges are there to build us into stronger and better people.
My wife is also a nurse and she got pregnant with our first born in the beginning of her last year of school to go from LPN to RN. She had to drop out not only because of the pregnancy but also because the online classes just weren’t working for her in the first place.
Now she is signing back up for a new LPN to RN program and we have an absolutely beautiful baby girl.
She is 3 months old but was born 2 months early, the pregnancy was hard on my wife, luckily the delivery itself was fast and painless, but she took 2 months to fully recover. Yet neither of us have any regrets. I wouldn’t change a thing in my life, knowing that it all was leading to my amazing baby.
Anyhow, with school coming up and both of us working, we have made plans around the baby. First of all we are extremely fortunate to have a lot of wonderful family willing to help out a lot with free or cheap babysitting. I’m glad your finished with school because I believe that would be the hardest part to continue when you can’t afford to have the baby watched 5 days a week. Our plan for working after school is that I’ll work full time Monday through Friday and my wife will likely work 2 or 3 days of 12 hour shifts, mostly on my days off so that every day our baby will have one of us home with her.
Also you could look into a baby sitting service or hire one online rather than a full blown daycare. If you have family nearby with a teenage girl you could offer to pay her to watch the kids, maybe something like $20 or $25 per day per kid. In my situation my grandmother who is now a great grandmother at just 65 y/o is retiring in the middle of 2022 and has offered to basically be a day care service for us as well as my uncle who has 2 kids under 3 years old. She only requested, I believe $200 per month for watching her a couple days a week but we are making good money and offered to pay more.
I hope your life is joyful and great with your beautiful new baby, I have no doubt that keeping a baby alive is and should be the only option and the greatest thing a person can do for the world is raise children.