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Its not your body, your choice .. Its you and another soul that you are depriving LIFE 

by Admin

I was 21, pregnant with a daughter. It was early 1990s and if you chose to have an abortion you had to pay for it.

Whew this is going to be hard.. Ok here I go… 

I had left my husband and this life inside of me was from selfishness.. Lets just say.

I had no money and was living with my grandparents. I was working a waitress job at some local restaurant. I was not on welfare because you didn’t depend on the government to pay your way, you made your way.

After getting pregnant because A. I wasn’t on birthcontrol, B. I was selfishly sleeping around out of low self-esteem and the true fact I was now single, C. Just straight up irresponsible.. 

So here I am .. Pregnant , single, and living in my grandparents house with my daughter..

I think I keep wanting to explain this over and over because where I am going to is the darkest place a HUMAN could go .. Its a place my mind has blacked out. Its a place that me even trying to dig out the details is making me sick at my stomach. But you need to know the truth.

Lets skip ahead because its on the surface.. I had no money. I met a guy and by now I am 3 months pregnant. We started dating and within that time I was still trying to save money for the abortion that cost around 500.00

I didn’t want to tell him. But after a month I did. I lied of course saying I was two months.

Anyway I found out on my visit I was at late term and the cost was upper 700 to 1000. He helped me with the cost.

Lets just say mentally you are not prepared. They don’t tell you what is going to happen. Its horrible. 

First its like light.. You arrive, people smile, they have all this litature that is all about you. You are going to be fine, you are doing the right thing, its primarily some type of bull crap to ease your mind into thinking this is the right thing. 

There were about 30 women well females because one was like 15 and the rest were a little older. I was one of the older ones. At 21 or 22.

We are lead to a room and your visitor is with you. I had a private room with just a bed but it was because this make shift room was once a broom closet by the size. Others were 2 in each room. 

Still all smiles, we got to eat lunch. We had arrived early that morning. Like 4 am you had to be there and signed in. 

At this point I don’t think I can go there..,I appologize for starting this but mentally I can’t go indept.

Lets me say this.. Babies were killed that day by a long needle the inserted through our belly button and they pierced the heart.

There were screams coming from hallways. 1 bathroom for 4 rooms 2 people per room and my 1 where after the killing of the child in your body they inserted objects to force labor. Doors are locked with chains. The lunch you were giving everyone throws up because you are put into labor. 

Here I will stop but just KNOW THIS.. If this is your body , your choice with just this little bit of information I have shared. You better rethink it. 

Maybe on here one of the females can finish the horrifying reality of this late term abortion. 

God forgive me and to the child I killed and your body I left in a strainer in a toilet for the nurse to retrieve.. I AM SO SO SORRY..

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