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broken heart that cries 

by Admin

I was 21 years old. Never liked alcohol. But one night I invited a group of “friends” to my house. 6 females total at my house. We had alcoholic drinks. I got drunk. One friend invited 2 guys she had barely met the weekend before. Kept drinking and passed out in my room, on my bed. Completely blacked out.

I thought I was safe in my own home. Apparently not. 5 weeks later after a missed period. Positive result. A baby of rape. 

The pill was immediately mentioned. Without a thought, I took it to solve an instant problem. I killed the baby I always wanted as a little girl. I’m 35 now and miserable knowing that could have been my only best friend in life. 

I’m a physically beautiful woman and severe psychiatric issues because of a broken heart that cries daily for a friend and I killed the soul that could have been it. 

If you’re having second thoughts, don’t do it. Because the only thing I think about now is suicide to be with my baby. 

Save yourself and your baby. I wish I would have had the courage to keep mine even if it was from rape.

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