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I regret my abortion that I had when I was 17 without parental consent. I felt scared, alone and helpless. I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my entire life. An empty feeling , a missing piece of my heart. I don’t think I was ever whole again after that tragic day. Always searching for destructive ways to fill the empty feeling inside. I come to know there is forgiveness after and I am worth more than my evil choice. God does love us and forgives even if we can’t forgive ourselves.

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Titilope June 4, 2021 - 12:49 pm

I regret my abortion,I had it when I was 18 I was so native that it got me scared,I told my ex boyfriend that I was feeling somehow he told me to bring my urine sample which tunes out am pregnant,he said we are both young and not ready, he suggested for abortion,I was 2months gone I didn’t inform my parents just me and him because I love him,we broke up 4years after,I got married at 24,now am having problem with my period went to the gynecologist,I was told both of my tubes are blocked that I might not get pregnant naturally I am very sad and I wish I could turn back hand of time, I always remember that day I did and cry wish I never got pregnant for my ex,wish God could give me another chance .PLS DO NOT LET LOVE BLIND YOU SAY NO TO ABORTION