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Gone, but never forgotten.

by Admin

I was 18 years old. Was in a great relationship but ended up getting sexually assaulted. My life changed after that. Already not having real family or support… everything went downhill just for me to discover I was 22 weeks pregnant.. having no idea up until that point. Me not knowing if my baby was from the person who hurt me or the one who loved me. This broke me. Being so young and having dealt with so much trauma in my life I was scared. My boyfriend pushed for me to get the abortion even though deep down I did not want it. I had a week after finding out to make a decision. I didn’t want to hurt the people around me or make their lives harder. But it was a baby’s life.. No matter who he was from he was still mine. I got the abortion at 22 weeks 6 days and believe me it was not easy. I was alone. I donated the remains to science knowing if my family found out they would had cut me off. I kept the ultrasounds and footprints. My boyfriend left me immediately after. Losing a baby is one of the hardest things and having to chose wether you bring a life into this world or let it go. I was traumatized. No one ever deserves that to happen to them. I still think about it everyday. I am 19 now. It may never fade but you will get through it. Know your not alone. Mourn all you need.


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