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I got pushed so hard I felt I had no choice.

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Hey sweetie thanks for sharing that, I am so hurt about my decision to listen to the man that got me pregnant. He pushed and bullied and I gave in cause I’m weak, the worst part was at my abortion appointment they did my ultrasound first and when then had to do another because I was on the cusp of what they couldn’t do, I thought that was my way out, the the doctor said ” you were just measured wrong, your ok” my heart sank into my stomach then to add another blow to my heart the doctor accidentally dropped the ultrasound pictures in front of me and I was looking at my beautifully formed fetus with arms and legs and a spine, I wanted to run, so I called my boyfriend and he told me to ” just have acceptance” but because of covid restrictions he couldn’t be there with me to see that ultrasound, I was assured the fetus couldn’t feel any pain, how to they know that though? I wanted to give adoption a shot, I let myself get bullied though, just to be told by my man that I need to suck it up, and move forward. He have no support. So now I’m just left to deal with my regret alone, while caring for our other kids that I wonder if this baby would of looked like one of them. Thank you for sharing. I never share my pain I can’t hold it in no more.

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Anna May 28, 2021 - 9:35 am

I’m so sorry! Abortion is a terrible thing that should have never been invented. I am praying for you and that you find healing. And I can promise you that your baby is with God in heaven waiting for his/her mother to join. God bless you!