I felt selfish 

by Admin

I was pregnant at 21years old and once I found out I was pregnant, abortion never came to my mind. I had my daughter and she’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I got pregnant again with my daughters father but knew I couldn’t have another kid because I was in a abusive relationship with her father. I had an abortion about 7 weeks pregnant and didn’t really think anything of it. About a year later I had two more abortions due to the same situation, my boyfriend was abusive mentally & physically and I could not bring another child into this ugly world being in the relationship I was in. It’s my biggest regret in life and I pray every day for my children and for Gods forgiveness. I will be with them again one day soon. I get sad every now and then thinking about what life could be like with all my kids but I know I have to live my life on earth with my daughter and be the best mom I can to her & know my other children are safe in heaven watching over us.

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