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Mother of the Son 

by Admin

My son was a happy young man. Fished a lot, had many friends. Fell in love at 17. However the relationship abruptly came to an end.
At the age of 21, married some one else.

He began to drink until drunk crying in the shower his wife admitted.

Long story short, his first girlfriend and he decided to abort the pregnancy when a Dr told them it was just a seed and it could be vacuumed out.
At the abortion clinic the girlfriend wanted him in the room after the abortion Dr told her to shut up, it was to late to stop the procedure!

My son witnessed a piece by piece baby coming thru the vacuum. It made him and her sick. They couldn’t forgive themselves for years. 

Gods mercy and forgiveness saved both of their lives, but that was over a period of 6 or more years. 

Instead of a seed, she was about 12 weeks pregnant. At 12 weeks the baby is completely formed, has a heart beat and I think can feel pain. Thank God for His Mercy snd plan for restitution. 

These two are Whole again.

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