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I Had Never Experienced So Much Pain

by Admin

Hi I got an abortion done today. In two days I would’ve been 14 weeks..thinking I was only ten. I wish I hadn’t been such a coward and just had kept it. I had never experienced so much pain I was crying throughout the whole process. My bf wanted me to get rid of it so did I bt that was a big price to pay. I have no bf now..when he was just telling me yesterday I wasn’t gonna be alone doing that. Now I have no baby or bf:(

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Linda Chamberlain April 17, 2021 - 5:33 am

God loves you…

Jules February 26, 2023 - 9:15 am

Abortion puts all the weight on the woman. Everyone else is “off the hook.” The boyfriend or whoever the father is, your parents, possibly the boyfriend’s parents, and society itself are all off the hook. ‘Just make it go away,’ is the selfish answer, no-skin-off-their-nose answer our country, most of it, has latched onto. Unwanted pregnancy is not just a woman’s problem in a woman’s body. It’s a societal problem, a problem with the whole society and the whole family and community of both parties. Yet our society is constantly promoting sensuality and promiscuous sex before marriage and irresponsibility, like there is no cost. There is a cost! Your feelings and your pain matter!! It’s so wrong for them to lie and say its not a baby, and then deny that you have a right to have any feelings about it when for many, many women, its a very hard thing to get over. Some are so brainwashed, they don’t realize why their life has hit the skids, psychologically–they don’t even think to blame the abortion and its aftermath. The fact that it has affected you and you’re hurting shows that you are not like the few who have no response at all about it. I hope and pray you can put this in God’s hands–give it to Him and let it go. He will carry it for you. He loves you and forgives you and understands what happened and why. If you see the movie or read the book, Heaven is for Real, it told the whole world that not only is an unborn baby a human being, but a miscarried or aborted baby goes to heaven and grows up in heaven. The mom and baby WILL one day be reunited.