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I never though about my baby by myself

by Admin

I was involoved with a guy 3 years older than me we meant through my cousin he told me that he loved me and I was the most beautiful girl he ever met I was still a virgin at that time he broke my virginity after 3 months of being together.not knowing about sex and all of that I missed my periods later that month and after that I called and informed me to my supurised he told me that he did not use a condom I was not thinking clearly and had no money I carried the baby for 7 months felt it kick and had the pregnacy signs anfter I discovered he was cheating I had a abortion I went to a lady by the name of zahra she did everything it was painfull I couldnot walk it was 3 weeks of pains my baby was killed by me I I’m a murder I wil never forget that day I did it now I’m dating a lovly guy but I burst into tears when he mentions that he wants a baby I still need help june will be one 1 of aborting my baby worse of al I did not want to even see what sex is it I only saw the face it look so peacefull

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