I said no

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Over 34 years ago I was faced with an unwanted pregnancy as an unmarried person. Everyone in my life, my boyfriend, mother, sister and friends were urging me to have an abortion. I went to Planned Parenthood and the counselor convinced me to make an appointment. The day of the abortion appointment, I was sitting on a bench waiting to be called into the room for the procedure. Then there was a voice….leave, just leave. I did. I made a lame excuse to my boyfriend who was in the waiting room. I left to another state to start college but knew I still needed to deal with my “problem”. I stopped by an abortion clinic and scheduled another appointment. The morning of the appointment, the voice said “don’t go”. I had been receiving phone call after phone call from my mother, my boyfriend, my sister…did you do it yet? I still couldn’t do it. Who kept telling me, no…don’t do it? The Holy Spirit? Fast forward. I have a 34 year old son and have 3 other incredible children. I also have 4 beautiful grandchildren. Why? Why did I stop and pause when there was so much pressure on me to do it? My heart goes out to all of you who have suffered from the fallout of THE BIG LIE! The big lie that it is not a baby. It is a baby…I have living proof. Please know that God loves you and your baby. You are His beloved child and He is ready to forgive. There is peace for you. Ask for forgiveness and be ready to forgive yourself! One more thought….take your experience out there and volunteer for right to life organizations. Help another to see the truth that you didn’t realize until it was too late. This could help you heal and could help save the life of a beautiful baby. God bless you!

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