I’m in pain.

by Admin

I was confident in my decision, but I also felt rushed. I was 4 weeks when I found out I was pregnant and I wanted to make a decision before it started really growing. The next few weeks were the hardest weeks of my life, I’ve always wanted a baby but I was young, broke, and not in the best shape. I didn’t feel comfortable bringing a child in the world while I was in that state. Week 6 I finally made the decision to get an abortion and after that my mental health started declining. I’m okay most days, it’s on my mind everyday more than others to the point where I’m crying and super depressed. I feel so alone even though I had a supportive partner. No matter what you’re always going to feel alone. My body even feels different, I gained a lot of weight due to depression and the pandemic which added more stress to my life. I talk to a therapist but I feel like this pain will never go away, it scares me. No one tells you the mental pain you may endure after an abortion and I most definitely wasn’t prepared.

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