Regret and hurt

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Abortion Testimonial

I was three months pregnant my mother was highly upset with my pregnancy telling me my boyfriend doesn’t love me he had too many children she was going to disown me if I did not have an abortion. I was old enough to make my own decision but fear of losing my mother in the process and having a boyfriend who was mentally and physically abusive made me come to this decision …. I went to the clinic and I was the first one to go for the procedure my heart ached because I didn’t want to do it …. The nurses gave me 8 I b prophen because they ran out of medication , I layed on the table I NEVER in my life felt so much pain I screamed to the top of my lungs it was so painful, every time I screamed the doctor dug in worse every time the nurse came back in saying I scared another patient away he cut me harder … I swear this doctor cut out my tubes …. He made me sign a sheet and told me he was going to tie my tubes …. Then ripped up the paper after I screamed out and was crying …. For 6 years I have tried to concieve again I don’t know if the doctor really did make it where I can’t have children I have suffered so much I do remember that I had a white cloth over my stomach after the procedure … And not bleeding for a week ….. I’m still extremely traumatized ….. I made the biggest mistake in my life !

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