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I will never forget finding out I was pregnant with my second child. My fiancé and I we’re talking about our lives and future. I went to a local pregnancy center to have my test done . It was positive . I told him he was so excited and happy .. then our world came tumbling down . I told family members they voiced that I had made a bad decision getting pregnant and the best thing for me to do was either get rid of it or sign my rights over as a mother for my daughter. 3/23/18 I’ll never forget feeling helpless, I was scared and nervous at the same time . I didn’t even want to see what my future child would look like because it was so much guilt and pressure of having to get this done . Doctors gave me an IV to sedate and I woke up in pain from recovery . To sum all of that .. since having to deal with that I’m taking medications for anxiety and Depression. I’ll never forget

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