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I would give anything to undo it

by Admin
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Almost 50 years ago, I was taken to field north of town, scared, became pregnant, and did not want to hurt my mom as dad had just died of cancer. A friend assured me and gave me all information about where to get abortion. I flew to NYC from IL on Friday and was back home on Saturday afternoon. After that, a despair and depression came over me deeper than anything I ever experienced. I have never felt so alone. I turned to God during this time and he helped me so much. Abortion is permanent. I would give anything to undo it. 50 years later, I regret it as much as ever. I have to wait til heaven to meet my first child. Abortion may look like a fix but it is full of lies and deception. They actually cut up my baby and sucked it out of me! Dr. reassembled it to make sure it was all out. I had no idea going into it all that would occur. I will be sorry all my life.

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