Lost & Scared

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I had an abortion when I was 18 years old my family made me do it then I prayed for another baby that same year I got the abortion and god blessed me with a daughter. 2019 I was trying to get pregnant nothing happened until I broke up with my ex in 2020 and got pregnant again I didn’t understand why I got pregnant I was depressed about it and got an abortion once I seen my baby in the toilet it hurted me so much I couldn’t sleep nor eat I told god during the abortion if it’s meant for this baby to go they will die and my baby died I couldn’t sleep or eat for days I miss my baby so much I wanna have kids but I wasn’t ready . Hopefully I’ll be pregnant again before my child turns 4 I’m praying and asking for forgiveness I didn’t have help during my pregnancy and I was lost and scared until it really hit me I won’t do an abortion again. I want my baby back I wish I was still pregnant with another twin that survived lord please bless me with another angel.

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Marta November 26, 2020 - 5:05 pm

Honey, everybody makes mistakes, some of them horrible. Please go tp Rachel’s Vineyard. It’s a faith-based group that do a wonderful job helping women heal from abortion. You do not deserve to be empty and miserable. You have an angel praying for you in God’s presence and someday you will meet him or her. You can have more children and though they will never take the place of the one in heaven, they will be with you too when you meet in heaven. Heaven is part of my faith. But it is humanly and scientifically true —in case you do not have a faith— that you are a deserving human being and you can heal this wound. God bless you .