Worst decision 

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I to had an abortion I was 15 years old I was pressured into doing it I was told I was an embarrassment when I got to the clinic the first time I refused so my mother made another appointment and I did it under pressure the nurse was so rude and mean told me I should of thought about it before I layed up and got pregnant the pain was so bad I was yelling they told me to be quiet I was disturbing the other patients I could feel them ripping my baby out of my uterus I can still remember that pain and the sound of that machine after I got up touched my stomach like what did I just do I look over and I see my baby in a jar with eyes small limbs i just stared I couldn’t believe it I was devastated the nurse noticed me looking and tried to cover it I left an cried for weeks less than a year later I was pregnant again I kept her so what was the point of the abortion exactly I killed my baby for what I still live with the guilt and wonder what could of Been I’m 44 years old now I was a helpless 15 year old girl searching for love because of abuse and a mother who was being a good mother this deeper than a abortion it’s the support of these young girls and the resources in the community to educate and offer help in these situations like if you keep the baby we will help with shelter milk pampers and clothes …….

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