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Morning after pill lie

by Admin

I have been struggling with a decision I made about 18 years ago. I was in a relationship with a man I thought I would marry – no question. We did not use protection so we were so worried that we looked into the morning after pill (plan b) as an option. It was pretty new so not much information was know about it. I went to get the pill at a pharmacy and the person there asked me if I knew all about it. I said yes, just one question “is not an abortion right?”. She told me if you have it and you are pregnant there will be no effect. I was so relieved that I went with it. Little I knew it could potentially be an abortion. No way to know at that stage. I went into serious depression after learning what I had done. The limbo of not knowing if I had killed my baby kept me endless nights in tears. I thought of me as a monster. How could I be so naive? Why did I believe everything before researching? I have to live in the limbo forever of whether I killed my kid or not, yet I am pro-life. Planned parenthood seems to just care about money, wish they will just tell te truth. Maybe one day I will know if my kid was actually aborted. I hope not, I cannot bear with that idea. I rather pretend not. Only God knows. I will stand with life all my life to make amends. So unfair how women get tricked or misinformed.

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