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A Thank You to a Good Mother for My Life

by Admin

I should have been aborted. My mother had miscarriages before I was conceived and she was told that it would be no different with me. This was in the mid 1974 a year after Roe V Wade when abortion was growing in popularity as a means to an end. My mother chose life, she declared that I mattered even if I may not survive, even if she herself may be damaged in the process of bring my life into existence. Today all the advice would be against my life. Society would say that I was only a clump of biological matter with no real life to begin with and that my mothers rights mattered more than my right to exist. That one life mattered more than another. She ignored this advice and I was born. Decisions have consequences. I grew up, married a wonderful woman and am now raising a wonderful son with blue eyes that sparkle and with a sense of humor that makes everyone laugh. That was the consequence of my mothers decisions not to abort me. Had she chosen differently then the consequences would be very different. I would have no story to tell because I would have been denied life. My wife would marry someone else whom society decided mattered more than I did, there would be no beautiful blue eyed laughing child to make his own impact on the world after I am gone.

For any man who is considering abortion remember that fatherhood is the greatest gift and joy in all the world and you will deny that to yourself. And for any woman considering aborting her own child please remember that decisions have consequences that reach far beyond the abortion clinic door. Aborting one child aborts a million opportunities to make an impact in the world now and long after you are gone.

One life matters because all life matters! I am one life and this is my reason for hating abortion so passionately.

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Joe B. January 9, 2014 - 8:31 pm

Your testimony is AMAZING….You have a WONDERFUL mother who taught you well. Thank GOD for precious souls. You may be saving millions of lives by sharing your story. EVERY life is a MIRACLE.