Regret …..

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The moment i found out i was pregnant, i was scared and kind of happy at the same time .. I was so happy to share the news with my boyfriend, not knowing that he would feel differently. Well once i shared the news with him, the first thing he mentioned was something that didn’t consist of us having a happy family, him being happy, or any of that . So from that moment, i knew that things were about to get rough. From that day forward I’ve been sick everyday, depressed, sad, and lonely.. Not only that, his mom was in my ear telling me “ it’s ok, it won’t hurt that bad”, she’s had one before. Which, back then i thought it was ok but I soon realized nothing was right about that. On top of that her daughter and i were pregnant at the same time . She never mentioned an abortion to her daughter or anything . Now when i see the baby i get so in my feelings because i wish i had mine . But all i have is regrets …

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Doll June 25, 2022 - 1:49 am

I prayed a prayer, to ease all pain, pains of regrets. God is a forgiving God.. Amen
Blessings to all.