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Manipulated into abortion by my boyfriend.

by Admin

I had my abortion on February 9th, 2021. When I found out I was pregnant, I had been feeling super off for the past 3 days, my breasts were killing me and a friend suggested I take a test. When I took the test, I was in my boyfriends bathroom and it was positive. I came out and I couldn’t even get the words “I’m pregnant” out of my mouth before I started crying. He held me, and he told me I would be okay. But, I needed to get an abortion because he doesn’t want it. I told him I wanted to think about it, abortion was something I never wanted to do for myself. And as soon as I’d said that, he said, “how long?” As his face went sheet white. He then continued to tell me how “you can’t even do this, you don’t have money, you don’t have a good job”. And maybe he was right, I didn’t have a great job, and I was struggling. We made an appointment at planned parenthood, and they told me they couldn’t take me because my insurance wasn’t accepted. I thought that was my way out. My mom ended up calling me, and pleading with me not to do it, that it would be the greatest mistake of my life. And she was right. But of course, my boyfriend was standing over me and I felt almost unsafe trying to leave. And what if he left me? What if I had to do this alone? They ended up giving me pills, and I miscarried at home while my boyfriend ignored me and played games. I was in the worst pain of my life. I bled for days. I was sick. I hate him for what he put me through and how he ignored me after it was all said and done. If you’re pregnant and your boyfriend tells you you can’t do it, YES YOU CAN. I still think about what my baby would look like, or how happy I might be if she was still here. (She felt like a girl to me.) Please please, don’t do anything everyone else is telling you to do. Only you know what you can and can’t do. Don’t be manipulated. You are so much stronger than you know.

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