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I wonder if anyone is ever even really going to read this I really hope so because if I get to change someones mind about leting there baby go well I hope they don’t. I’m broken tears and lost I had a abortion two weeks ag it was a mistake I was in love with a man that I dated four years ago we broke up and he found me because he couldn’t let me go, well I shouldn’t of ever trusted him because was still married but told me they were spliting up and I believe him I got pregnant and told him he told me he couldn’t see us being together if I had the baby because me having one child and him already having three wife huh stupid me so I wanted to a good family to give the baby a good home I found one but my boyfriend. said he couldn’t live with he’s child being with strangers I should of said the hell with him but..I’m very sorry to my little girl that I didn’t, I’m sorry baby, I am in tears to hold her and tell her I love her is all I want her love for me is uncondtional despite what I did I’m truley sorry for what I have done and will never forget. I don’t want to forget something beautiful. the thought of her laughter and touch is the only thing that brings a smile to my face but my heart is screaming with rage and soaking wet with my tears. I should be making you proud. but its impossible. to live a life without you in it I know your watching and waiting and I can’t wait to someday talk to you and hold my daughter I let go I love you Juno and always think of you all the time. love your mommy

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Anonymous February 14, 2013 - 9:17 am

YOU ARE FORGIVEN! Don’t forget it. The best way to honor your daughter is to forgive yourself EVERYDAY, and be that mother for yourself. Love you, hold you, tell yourself that everything is okay, wipe the tears and comfort yourself as though you were comforting her. Then look in the mirror and smile at her with the love that you have in your heart and say…..I LOVE YOU!

Becca May 8, 2022 - 3:12 am

Your story has not gone unseen! If it even inspires just one person to reconaider I say a job well done!