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Hi Im 21years old kind of crazy story i had an abortion at 20 years old NOV 6 2020 met my first love at 15 years old my first boyfriend my everything we was together for about 2 years and remain bestfriends on and off for years but long story short he committed a crime in back in 2015 we was 16 years old but he was released in 2019 he went back to jail i moved on with my life met my current boyfriend me and him have been dating for 2 years but we was having problems and decided to take a break my first love was released from prison in aug 2020 he found me got in contact i ended up pregnant in September but did not find out i was pregnant until the middle of OCT2020 and i was blessed with a beautiful soul but to selfish to open my eyes as soon in and out the hospital daily as soon as i found out i was pregnant everything happened so quickly i got back with my current boyfriend but was 3 months pregnant by my ex my first love real love triangle … I was so alone i was only 20 years old not exactly a perfect fit to take care of a baby alone by myself because i wasnt inlove with my ex anymore what we had was no longer an affect we remain best friends to each other and on the other hand i was committed to my current boyfriend (need to mention me and my ex only had sex once ) but yeah my current boyfriend did not even know until after i done it but my life did really change after my first and only abortion not only did i lose kill my baby at 9 weeks my first love (the fetus father) passed 2 days after i went through the procedure my life literally flashed before my eyes and everyday i not only have to deal with taking the one person who ever needed me but a careless act that was totally unacceptable but hey i am who i am and i cannot change what i have done and never will i ever forget you im just taking day by day and making better decision … I mean do you think im a bad person would you forgive me?

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